The International Network for Social Protection Inquiry, Research and Education (INSPIRE) is a non-profit organisation focused on building sustainable social protection capacity for Development Agencies, Governments and NGO’s.

INSPIRE offers a comprehensive suite of services through an established network of institutions across many reputable universities, organisations and specialists. This global pool of social protection experts across many different areas of specialisation positions INSPIRE to be a solution provider of choice.

One of the main goals of INSPIRE is to build sustainable social protection capacity that includes research, policy making, service delivery and monitoring and evaluation capabilities within government and institutions.

INSPIRE believes that this is a workable and lasting strategy for capacity building, skills transfer, migration of responsibility to in-house trainers and for establishing policies, systems and processes.

Organisational Structure



This portfolio will focus on service delivery assessments to provide advice on delivery transformation



Research, building evidence and undertaking evaluations.



INSPIRE will build sustainable capacity in government to drive its own skills development programmes.

Corporate Management


Driving the strategic direction of the Institute and providing support services to the three portfolios.

Our Global Footprint Map

Our Global Footprint

INSPIRE has an office in Thailand that services South and East Asia, an Office in South Africa that services the African Continent and another office in the USA. Its expert network is spread across the globe including Europe and Latin America, enabling the institution to place any required skills in any project, anywhere around the world.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission & Vision

INSPIRE’s mission is provide incomparable inquiries, rigorous research and high quality capacity building programmes that embeds social protection capabilities for our clients.

Our vision: Quality services for a world free of poverty, that exceeds the expectations of our social protection clients.

Our Goals


To significantly expand our social protection capacity building footprint


Increase our own capacity to deliver the highest quality services


To build a recognised brand and reputation in the area of social protection

Our Core Values


We believe in respecting the views of our clients and putting their interests first.


We believe that we will grow through integrity, creativity and innovation.


We integrate honesty and ethics into all aspects of the institution.

Our Team

Ingrid van Niekerk

Ingrid van Niekerk


Michael Samson

Michael Samson

Director and Founder Member

Selwyn Jehoma

Selwyn Jehoma


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